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Dr. Dailey will begin seeing new clients in October 2015. Please contact her by email Barbara@supportivetherapies.com or by phone at 206-739-6712.

At Supportive Therapies, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to help you reach your health goals. We understand that the mind, body and spirit are intimately integrated and that the power to heal must incorporate all three. Our thriving partnership with primary care and specialty providers offers our clients a variety of modalities that are evidenced based and support “best practices.”

At Supportive Therapies, we also offer an exceptional birthing program called Blissborn™ because we believe that the beginning of life is the foundation for how we interact with the world. All babies deserve to come into this world surrounded by love and gentleness in a calm and supportive environment. All mothers deserve to be comfortable and enjoy the beautiful process of birth while bonding with their babies and their newly formed family.