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Dr. Dailey is currently on sabbatical for a year while she does research and develops new techniques and products for her clients. She is happy to give you a personal referral to one of her trusted colleagues. Feel free to contact her via her email: barbara@supportivetherapies.com or leave a message on her office phone at 425-610-4671. Her website will continue to be active and new information will be added as it becomes available. Thank you for your interest.

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At Supportive Therapies, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to help you reach your health goals. We understand that the mind, body and spirit are intimately integrated and that the power to heal must incorporate all three. Our thriving partnership with primary care and specialty providers offers our clients a variety of modalities that Floral Reflectionare evidenced based and support “best practices.”

Throughout life we are faced with many challenges that take their toll and can cause emotional and physical symptoms. When we experience discomfort or disease we are out of balance. Good health and a pleasurable life depend on keeping our mind, body and spirit in harmony.

We have vast internal resources to help us accomplish our health goals but they are often “hidden” by the noise and chatter that is our daily life. At Supportive Therapies, we guide you to connect with your powerful resources by helping you to fully relax and get in touch with your inner wisdom. As we learn to listen and respond to what our bodies need we can heal our discomfort and bring ourselves back into harmony.

Dr. Dailey has over 40 years of medical experience and a passion for facilitating healing. Her experience spans many disciplines but most recently in pain management. She has worked with the University of Washington Center for Pain Relief where she was recognized for her understanding of the emotional component of pain and suffering and at Northwest Hospital Medical Center in Surgical Pain Services. She is frequently asked to lecture to medical providers and patients. She supports her profession as a preceptor for doctoral students through the University of Washington.

Supportive Therapies, offers an exceptional birthing program called Blissborn™ because we believe that the beginning of life is the foundation for how we interact with the world. All babies deserve to come into this world surrounded by love and gentleness in a calm and supportive environment. All mothers deserve to be comfortable and enjoy the beautiful process of birth while bonding with their babies and their newly formed family.